Suumhow: OUTRUNS

Outruns is a standout track from EXTRA FAILED ITEMS by experimental electronica act SUUMHOW, a release which accompanies their post-pandemic album, YEARS FAILED SUCCESSFULLY. The track is marked by a gritty, hip-hop-inspired beat, and finds its foundation in a beaten synth which is paired with an underlying melody, all intertwined with well executed glitch edits.

EXTRA FAILED ITEMS was initially offered as a hidden download via a link engraved into the vinyl margin of YEARS FAILED SUCCESSFULLY. The album's tracks were born from the same creative sessions as its predecessor, capturing the same post-pandemic delight, adorned with broken hip-hop swing as well as textures and glitch-infused production.

n5MD commemorates the release on November 1st, 2023, coinciding with MiniDisc day, by offering a limited edition MiniDisc of EXTRA FAILED ITEMS.

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