Devour You is the latest offering from NIGHTSISTER, the Portland-based duo which has turned heads their way for their haunting and alluring sound. Building on the distinction their recent EP, Send Angels Here, the band remains committed to their darkwave and post punk influences, resulting in a moody and hard hitting sound.

Devour You exudes an irresistible appeal from start to finish, characterized by its gothic undertones which contribute to its charm. Rich, impeccable synths blend seamlessly with the sensuous vocals, while strong production values ensure a memorable listen. The song evokes a sense of lustfulness in a haunting and intoxicating manner, leaving a lasting impression.

In addition to Devour You, NIGHTSISTER release a remarkable b-side which reimagines Lebanon Hanover's Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off. NIGHTSISTER's interpretation breathes new life into an already beautiful track, showcasing their ability to infuse their distinctive style into a well-loved piece.

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