body / negative: Everett (f/ Midwife)

Everett, the upcoming album from body / negative, is a work filled with raw emotion and an experimental sensibility. Andy Schiaffino, the creative force behind body / negative, explores the depths of their psyche in a record mastered by Slowdive's Simon Scott. The result is a really nice blend of shoegaze, lo-fi and ambient sounds.

Everett was created with an unconventional recording approach. Much of the album is captured using a handheld tape recorder, adding a layer of warmth to the music, while Andy's vocals are delivered through a landline-style handset instead of a traditional microphone, evoking the intimate and distant quality of a phone call. 

Originally planned to be recorded in Midwife's studio in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the album took an unexpected turn when Andy's father became terminally ill. The majority of the album was composed and recorded while Andy cared for their father in hospice which resulted in the music being infused with a personal and introspective sentiment.

The collaboration with Midwife, aka Madeline Johnston, sounds genuine and organic. The eponymous second single from the album is a hypnotic and alluring dreampop / slowcore number which comes with a beautiful video directed by Ryan Betschart and Rachel Nakawatase

Everett comes out on December 8th, 2023 via Track Number Records.

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