Magnetic Skies: Not A Fire

Not A Fire is the ultimate single offering from Magnetic Skies, perfectly timed with the launch of their debut album, Empire Falling. Lead singer Simon Kent, calling the new single a love song, delivers a heartfelt performance which effortlessly conveys the track's emotional depth. Adding to its intensity, keyboardist Jo Womar's vocal harmonizes in the chorus.

The song is a melodic and memorable composition which owes its appeal to the band's impassioned performance and the remarkable production quality. Magnetic Skies haven expertly woven together elements of melody and emotion, creating a resonant and evocative sound.

Simon Kent comments: "The album is reflective, poetic, and it takes you on a journey lyrically, and in mood from sad nostalgia through to happiness and euphoria. I hope the listener can relate to the sounds and lyrics, find some connection on a personal level – I'd like to move them in an emotional way.

"It's nice to close the opening chapter on the band and capture the songs that evolved as the band came together from a duo to a 4-piece, and while we were learning how to work together."

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