Caress: Mortal Flaw

Caress, the Los Angeles-based project of Tara Jane, has joined the roster of Negative Gain Productions, unveiling a dark and vibrant new single which brilliantly marries the brooding aesthetics of eighties darkwave with the allure of synthpop. Mortal Flaw also flirts with industrial elements, with the end result being an impeccably put together composition with sonic depth and meticulous production.

Tara Jane's vocal delivery is utterly expressive, exuding a melting pot of emotions which perfectly complements the music's rich yet haunting atmosphere. The performance paints a pretty dark picture, casting a shadowy and immersive backdrop which mirrors the single's energetic allure.

Mortal Flaw is a precursor to Caress' anticipated full length, Night Call, scheduled for release on November 24th, 2023. 

Artist photo by Ashley Alvarez 

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