Marry Cherry: Knockout

Austin rockers Marry Cherry introduce an exciting take on modern psychedelia with their latest EP, Knockout. The band's new offering is a really nice fusion of nineties psychedelic pop with elements from sixties garage rock. 

Shame leans towards the danceable and groove-oriented aspects of nineties alternative, while incorporating elements of a hazy shoegaze and distorted sound, which give the music an extra layer of effectiveness. The accompanying music video is very well made, and complements the track's alternative essence.

The title track, Knockout, hits as an indie-electronic tune with a strong groove, taking inspiration from eighties dark-bent shoegazers such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the more sentimental post punk charm of Love and Rockets. At the same time, the song embraces a more current sound which has been a defining characteristic of the band through its fuzzed out approach. Knockout aims for minimalism, placing emphasis on the instrumentals to enhance the overall sound.

Additionally, Knockout includes the band's earlier single, Smashed to Pieces, which exhibited their electric style featuring memorable riffs and traditional songwriting structures. 

Having been very consistent thus far, Marry Cherry craft a vibrant sound which feels quite exhilarating while evoking a sense of nostalgia.

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