Doomherre: Forgotten One

Doomherre, coming from Stockholm, Sweden, is a doom metal group formed by Daniel Strachal (Lobotomy, Blindfold, Brainwarp), Victor Takala (Eyekon, The Broke, and a session live-member with Katatonia), and Max Collin (Lobotomy, Blindfold, Votary - a death metal outfit featuring Masse Broberg from Hypocrisy and Dark Funeral).

The band's latest single, Forgotten One, pays tribute to their classic doom rock and heavy metal origins, offering a sound destined to resonate with heavy rock audiences of all kinds. Drawing inspiration from bands like Trouble, Cathedral, and The Obsessed, Doomherre's music carries a timeless quality which discharges raw and weighty traits.

The lyrics of Forgotten One narrate a story of becoming deceived by beliefs but ultimately finding liberation from them.

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