Bathe Alone: Gemini

Up-and-coming artist Bailey Crone wastes no time, returning to present another release under her dreampop project, Bathe Alone, following closely on the heels of the double EP, Fall With The Lights Down (Velma) & (Louise), which came out in August 2023.

Gemini is a melodic dreampop number, which finds the band in a very creative mode, and comes with a live performance video filmed at producer Damon Moon's Standard Electric studio, located in a remodeled church in Decatur, GA.

Bailey Crone explains: "I've come to realize that this song has taken on a different meaning to me than what I intended when I wrote it. Originally, this song was about my own depression. But through several life events, more on that later, I've now realized it was about someone else's depression the whole time. I had this chord progression that I thought made me feel really uneasy. I couldn't describe why, but it sounded like the way depression feels to me. It just feels off."

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