Modern Technology: Salvation

Modern Technology unveil another single off their upcoming album, Conditions of Worth, presenting a heavier style and sound which reaches the boundaries of stoner rock and sludge metal. The band's noise rock foundation remains steadfast, and the song leaves a profound impact due to its sheer heaviness and gripping subject matter.

The song focuses on the concept of environmental decline and how humanity exploits the planet, exposing the tainted societal mindset which often concentrates on personal gain and selfishness over common progress. The video's imagery of both natural and human-made disasters is a bleak portrayal of humanity's current state.

Modern Technology bassist and vocalist Chris Clarke, who also directed the video, describes: “Amongst all the tracks on the album, I have a very deep connection to this one. Working on the visual articulation of this track was a chance to pull on another emotive lever, and capture the full sentiment of this song. And one that I hope resonates with others.

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