past self: Die Cry Hate EP

Having recently reinvented themselves as past self, the band previously known as Luxury Furniture Store, followed the impressive full length that was Bedrot, with a pretty much flawless new EP. Die Cry Hate EP expertly and playfully incorporates the band's concept of blending Korean and English lyrics, a style they refer to as 'k-goth,' 'Korean postpunk' and 'Seoulwave.' Unmistakably, this innovative blend is rooted in the group's deep admiration for darkwave and dark post punk standards, which they evidently hold dear.

After introducing the EP with the memorable title track, the complete set unfolds to reveal numerous standout moments across its seven songs. Among these, six tracks easily have the potential to be considered standout singles, while the seventh one is only excluded from this distinction due to it being a brief atmospheric interlude lasting less than a minute, and provides an ethereal experience which grounds the overall release.

녹슨 칼, which translates to 'rusty knife,' is a hard hitting, guitar and synth-driven number, easily evoking the shadowy post punk sounds of the great eighties.

Another notable track, Between The Marquees, unfolds the storyline of high class elites privately gathering in the mountains for a hunting game where the prey is an exposed and needy servant. The band cites influence from fearing and Lycia for this track, with discernible shades of The Cure as well.

Sewn Shut, another EP highlight, focused on the concept of going through a dark period in life while looking from help from all the wrong connections. The track finely aligns with the band's shift towards a darker sonic direction, relegating their shoegaze inspirations to a subtler presence in the background.

A very strong release collectively, Die Cry Hate EP stands out not only for its bilingual approach and impeccable dark aesthetics, but also for its commanding and forceful musicality.

Band photos by @starofxenojin

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