past self: Die Cry Hate

Die Cry Hate is the first single of the upcoming EP with the same title by past self, scheduled for release on July 27th, 2023. After a notable run as Luxury Furniture Store, past self has undergone a transformation, reinventing their identity as a band, and reemerging with an impressive track which draws inspiration from the forefront of post punk and darkwave.

The song cleverly blends Korean and English lyrics, leading the band to coin the terms 'kgoth' or 'seoulwave' to describe their sound and style. Die Cry Hate explores the theme of failed relationships and the struggle to maintain a positive outlook throughout.

With its appealing melodies and a generally poignant approach, the song is impeccably executed, and smartly combines contemplation and vulnerability, contrasting its overall mellow atmosphere with a solid instrumental foundation which amplifies the emotive vocals.

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