D//E Premiere: Clone: Dividing Line

Comprised of members from established bands within the Brooklyn music scene, Clone emerged onto the live stages during the summer of 2019, gradually cultivating a dedicated following. After their collaboration with Swallow the Rat on a notable split release, two years later, the group remains committed to unfolding their full potential. Their debut album's unveiling begins with Dividing Line, the first single.

According to the group, Dividing Line tackles the theme of Donald Trump trying to start a race war in America. The punk rock ethos deeply permeates the song's heart, exuding an intense sense of urgency reminiscent of The Clash's rebellious spirit. It is a disposition tailored to the turbulence of the current era.

Characterized by great production and the band's passionate delivery, the new offering finds Clone distinguishing themselves from the ethereal style of Dead Leaf Echo and similar acts with which they're affiliated. The track stands out delectably, transcending the fringes of a mere side project and blossoming into something profound.

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