wayword: razorblade

wayword, an indie rock group coming from Monterey Park, California, draws influence from a blend of heavy shoegaze, lo-fi, and emo rock genres, resulting in a well made and all around gripping guitar-driven sound. 

The band's music is characterized by mesmerizing melodicism submerged within an intriguingly noisy guitar wall of sound, evoking fond memories of alternative rock from the nineties. The band produces a tasteful blend of creativity and nostalgia, all while delivering high quality production and well crafted songwriting.

Albert Lopez, the main creator of the band spends months writing material before presenting it to the rest of the members, getting into the studio, and refining the sound of the final project.

Their latest single, razorblade, stands out with its sharp and emotive tone, showing great promise for the band within the current underground shoegaze realm.

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