Nausicaa: Crystalline

Melbourne's Nausicaa characterize their sound as Night Music, with Kristen and Dave, the band's two members, sharing a profound appreciation for the 'joy of the blues.' Drawn to wistful and evocative melodies, the duo focuses on a rather moody and atmospheric sound which at the same time has notable uplifting qualities.

The night is an endless source of inspiration and symbols: stars, moon, the unknown, the gothic; as well as dreams, rest, and comfort,” Nausicaa describe.

Nausicaa's latest single, Crystalline, demonstrates the band's great knack for materializing their nocturnal vision. It is a hypnotic love song which makes an impact with its abstract lyrics, the delicate vocal and melodic guitar hooks, all finely accompanied by a beautiful, well crafted video.

Drawing inspiration from influential bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive, Nausicaa infuse their dreamlike musicianship with a mesmerizing mix of sentiments and sounds.

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