Bestial Mouths: Vast Murmur

Vast Murmur is the newest single from the much anticipated forthcoming album R.O.T.T. (inmyskin) by Bestial Mouths. The album comes out in its entirety on August 11th, 2023 on Negative Gain Productions.

Following the 2020 release of the excellent RESURRECTEDINBLACK, Bestial Mouths continue to progress, venturing into both familiar and distant realms. Their new single exhibits a powerful industrial foundation, while retaining the distinctive darkwave essence which defines the band's sound.

Once again, Lynette Cerezo delivers profoundly personal lyricism which goes far into themes of passivity and anguish, a recurring motif in the artist's work in recent years.

R.O.T.T. (inmyskin) was produced by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One), and the music video for Vast Murmur was created by VOID.EXE.

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