Tired Minds: The Fray Of Rotten Rope

Mentioning inspiration from Converge, Touché Amore, La Dispute and Cult Leader, Australia's Tired Minds return with their new track, The Fray Of Rotten Rope, part of their upcoming five-song EP, The Body is a Burden which is expected out on September 8th, 2023 through Art As Catharsis.

The new track is a fervent and pressing illustration of metallic hardcore, overflowing with unrefined vigor. Throughout, the band emanates a melodic, weighty, and intense aura, presenting a piece filled with ardor and fierceness.

We started recording this back in 2019 and have been chipping away at it since then with a lot of life events happening during this time including friends and family passing away,” says guitarist Paul Graham. “We really wanted to focus on bringing just a heavier, more crushing vibe to what we have done in the past, in general simplifying down some of the riffs but really laying down lots of guitar tracks to push the sound in the direction we wanted.

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