Consistently rising in the world of dark indie pop, Hope have made a comeback with their latest single OSMOSIS. The new release coincides with the exciting news of the band's upcoming European tour supporting Depeche Mode on their Memento Mori tour. 

OSMOSIS finds the Berlin-based quartet delivering a mesmeric, club-oriented masterpiece which naturally exudes a sense of zen-like simplicity, strong dub influences, and immersive sonic landscapes. While still retaining elements of their earlier post punk approach, the new song carries a moody and atmospheric essence, offering a glimpse into the refined sound of the group's forthcoming album.

The music video which accompanies the track is a collaborative effort with British artist and underwater cinematographer, Emma Critchley, whose visuals grace both the artwork and videos for the album. Set in an underwater cave in Barbados, the video portrays a place of isolation where life evolves in an organic way. The beautiful scenes in the clip reflect a force which goes beyond the human element, inviting introspection.

The band's new musical direction is closely connected to the personal growth of lead singer Christine whose journey involved overcoming an eating disorder in recent years, shedding the anger and rebellion which once defined the music of Hope.

Christine says: “The song tells a personal story of conception and the struggles and obstacles of coming into life. At the same time it reflects on life evolving by itself, finding freedom and celebration in that.

The band's collaboration with producer Olaf Opal (The Notwist) has once again resulted in an exquisitely compact and more minimalist sound, marking a significant shift in the group's artistic expression.

Hope are composed of lead singer Christine Börsch-Supan, guitarist Phillip Staffa, keyboarder Martin Knorz, and drummer Fabian Hönes. The four musicians originally met while studying jazz in 2009.

Band photo by Joe Dilworth

TOUR DATES Supporting Depeche Mode, MementoMori Tour:

28.7. Budapest, HU, Puskas Arena
30.7. Prague, CZ, Letnany Airport
2.8. Warsaw, PL, PGE Narodowy
4.8. Krakow, PL, Tauron Arena
6.8. Talinn, ES, Talinna Laulaväljak
8.8. Helsinki, FL, Kaisaniemen Puisto
11.8. Oslo, NO, Telenor Arena

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