Wax Heart Sodality: Live, Laugh, Love

Live, Laugh, Love emerges as the second track from the forthcoming EP by Wax Heart Sodality, scheduled for release on September 1st, 2023. This song presents a solemn contemplation of the limiting and oversimplified approaches to life.

With the composition exuding a poignant atmosphere, the band succeed at their aim to produce the mood of a 1950s prom's final dance or the concluding scenes of a nineties high school drama. 

The band's characteristic gothic rock elements and post punk attributes turn into something completely euphoric, while retaining the somber mood found in their previous offerings.

The song tackles the idea of individuals tending to distill the intricate facets of life into easily grasped catchphrases or ideas, which eventually lose their relevance to the subjects they target to represent. It creates a parallel with situations commonly observed in politics, social media, and consumer industries.

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