Scott Solter & Rohner Segnitz: Triangled Gate

The Murals is a collaborative new effort between Durham-based engineer and producer Scott Solter and LA-based musician and animator Rohner Segnitz. The eleven-track album is available through Bathysphere Records.

Through their experimental approach, the two artists showcase their mastery of various recording techniques such as tape/wire recorders, modular devices, samplers, and no-input methods. Solter and Segnitz have artistically transformed small sound fragments into dynamic and changing soundscapes .

The Murals embarks on a spellbinding and unpredictable journey, exciting by way of both its rich textures and melodicism.

Scott Solter describes: "In our work, a piece usually starts from a simple figure/gesture that grabs our interest and forms a foundation. Using only this initial figure, we arrange and rearrange with filtering, harmonizing, deteriorating, and mulching, to compose a maximal music from a minimal source."

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