T. G. Shand: Cinnamon

The latest EP by Australian dreampop artist T. G. Shand, Cinnamon, has just been released, featuring the lead single of the same name. The new EP works as a showcase of the musician's distinctive dreamlike style, taking her songwriting to a new level. 

Cinnamon was written and produced by T. G. Shand's creative force Annemarie Duff, and mastered Bevan Smith, and presents evident progress of the multifaceted sound of T. G. Shand, influenced by many different genres.

Cinnamon is a refined and upbeat shoegaze song with infectious beats and sweet vocals which leave a strong impression. The entire EP offers a diverse musical journey, ranging from the airy dreampop sound which characterizes all of the artist's releases, to heavier shoegaze, as well as a surprising electronic track which serves as the closing number.

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