Following a dark night of performing music, Summore's life underwent a profound transformation when a drunk driver collided with their parked car while they were dining at a Waffle House parking lot in Columbus, Ohio. Tragically, this incident led to Summore suffering an astonishing forty broken bones.

Dust, the band's new offering, smartly combines melodic synths and danceable beats while touching on the aftermath of their near-fatal car accident. Through poignant lyrics, the song goes deep into concepts of recovery, self-doubt, and the fear of being abandoned. 

The new single depicts a dark and vibrant core, in line with the overall somber style of Summore. It's a heartfelt darkwave track which exudes a potent energy and displays powerful performances, resonating with a deep sense of intensity and emotion.

Dust encapsulates the profound impact this incident had on Summore's life, forever altering their perspective, and its dark sentimentality is evident throughout.

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