Gadfly: Blood Sap

Gadfly is a psychedelic heavy rock band originating from Iran, now based in Vancouver, Canada. The band's sound is greatly influenced by Persian music. Led by Homa Khoshnavaz on vocals and guitar, the band includes Vancouver underground music scene veteran, Nigel Young, on drums, and Peter Quelch on bass.

Gadfly draws inspiration from the frontlines of stoner metal, incorporating raucous guitar riffs, frenzied drums, and strong bass lines, and infusing Persian melodies to come up with their own take on Sabbath-esque metal with an underground punk twist.

Blood Sap is a track from Gadfly's latest album, Apranik. The song is a thrilling, venturous heavy rocker, characterized by vintage production, aggressive guitar tones, Persian lyrics, and an overall high energy approach which naturally satisfies the crowd during their live performances.

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