D//E Premiere: The Julies: My Heaven Is a Dance Floor

After their first release in over two decades, the impressive single Symmetry, The Julies are pressing forward with their latest offering, the ethereal and dreamlike track My Heaven Is a Dance Floor. This new song takes a slightly more jangly direction, and sounds alive with indie/dreampop vibrancy, reminiscent of guitar-driven staples from the late eighties and nineties. 

My Heaven Is a Dance Floor presents a distinct departure from the band's previous single, yet consistently showcases The Julies' signature sound, brimming with wistfulness, nostalgia, and timeless appeal.

The inspiration behind the song stems from lead singer Chris Newkirk's memories of a dance party at his wedding reception, as well as years of attending indie and alternative dance nights. According to the artist, the single is “sort of an imagining of an inclusive, celebratory afterlife akin to our best moments on the dance floor.

The track's strong foundation lies in the beautiful interplay between the soaring guitar work of Alex Yost and Patrick Zbyszewski, and the fine bassline contributed by co-producer Kyle Pulley, formerly of Thin Lips. By way of this combination, the new single finds The Julies in a full on creative and imaginative mode, producing a sound which is both melancholic and uplifting.

My Heaven Is a Dance Floor is out through Lost in Ohio.

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