Nothingheads: Beam Engine

Beam Engine is the newest single by post punk band, Nothingheads, arriving ahead of their upcoming EP Sunlit Uplands which will be out on June 9th, 2023 through the DIY label Just Step Sideways Records (Beige Banquet, Civil Partnership, Tommy Cossack). Recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse studios, the song effectively captures the unrefined intensity of the band's live performances.

Through Nothingheads' well established and promising post punk sound based on metronomic drum beats, driving basslines, and distorted guitars, Beam Engine arrives to serve as an homage to the River Thames and the infamous Great Stink incident. This historical event occurred in the 1800s when the combination of hot weather intensified the odor emanating from untreated human and industrial waste, posing a substantial danger to London.

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