Agriculture: The Glory of the Ocean

The Glory of the Ocean is the impressive 8-minute-long album opener of self-titled record and first full-length  by experimental black metal act, Agriculture, arriving on July 21st, 2023 through The Flenser. An excerpt from the track is released paired to a monochromatic music video.

Agriculture comments: "We wanted the visuals for this record generally, and for this music video specifically, to reference both the playful and the sublime. There's something wonderful and a bit strange about the image of a child doing normal beach things at night. It's spooky and joyful at the same time. The kid in the video, Dimitri, just absolutely crushed it. He seems to sort of embody a lot of the ideas within the music with how much fun he's having smashing shit on the beach."

Despite its almost natural association with dark and brooding themes, extreme music possesses the capacity to become an accurate way of bringing to the surface emotions such as pure joy, intense love, and breathtaking grandeur. This is particularly the case for the new material by Agriculture, one of the most promising new acts in contemporary black metal, and a band which by character challenges the established conventions of the genre.

From the first examples thus far, Agriculture's new record achieves its goal to become an opportunity to encounter and appreciate the splendor and delight found within both the mystical and tangible aspects of existence.

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