Magnetic Skies: Suffocate

Suffocate, the latest single from British synthpop group, Magnetic Skies, has a more somber and gripping tone compared to the band's earlier offerings, and produces a stimulating, fast-paced sensation. The song is out through the independent label ReprinT Records. 

Suffocate consists of foreboding and impassioned energy, creating an intense feeling of turmoil. Bringing forth an merging of desperation and melancholy, the delivery of vocalist Simon Kent is one of the song's very strong points.

Magnetic Skies describe: "The song is about a relationship that breaks down. At the start, everything is incredible and you throw yourself head-first into that and nothing else matters, you just want this dream to come true. Then things change, reality sets in and everything around that falls apart to devastating effect. We wanted a dark, agitated, claustrophobic video – devoid of colour – to complement the emotions in the song."

The music video that accompanies the song is visually gripping, featuring a minimalistic black and white environment which harmonizes with the brooding ambiance of the music.

Photo by Scott Chalmers

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