Mayflower Madame: Dresden

In 2022, Mayflower Madame embarked on several small tours, performing in cities such as Paris, London, Glasgow, Prague, and Warsaw. During the same time, they worked on writing songs for their third full length whose recording took place in February and March 2023, and is scheduled to be released in the following months. Before the release of their upcoming new album, the band has announced a special edition of their previous, well received full length, Prepared for a Nightmare. The Deluxe Version includes five bonus tracks, and marks the first offering of new music by Mayflower Madame in three years. 

The lead single from the new Deluxe Version is Dresden, a moody post punk track with a commanding atmosphere. The song captures the essence of a mesmerizing city night, and outlines a life-altering experience which arises from an unexpected encounter. 

Dresden amalgamates elements of psychedelia, darkwave and dreampop, creating a fine sound, enveloped in hazy and brooding tones, with an extensive sense of nocturnal romanticism which clearly permeates the track.

The Deluxe Version of Prepared for a Nightmare will be released on June 12th, 2023.

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