Violet Silhouette: Strange Wind

Violet Silhouette make a strong return with an exciting new song, Strange Wind, which maintains the band's signature dark sound and builds upon the foundation they established in their early work. The fresh track pulsates with an stimulating energy, drawing inspiration from the forefront of eighties industrial, darkwave and synthpop, while incorporating more contemporary elements.

The band describe: “This is a hard dance track stormed with warm pulsating synths, glassy guitars, and collaging soundscapes layered behind ethereal, yearning vocal melodies on drum machine sounds inspired by an early 80’s industrial past.

This moody and darkly vibrant song is designed for those who find solace in the darker aspects of life, and those who tend to become fascinated by the introspective factors of existence. The new track serves as an enticing preview of what can be expected from Violet Silhouette's upcoming EP, FEVERBLUE, slated for release in 2023.

To complement the song's atmosphere, an appropriately brooding music video accompanies the single release, directed by Roberto Badillo.

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