Lanayah: Nameless Fluttering

Lanayah is a fresh band based in Santa Barbara, CA and Seattle, WA. The three-piece group brings together a blend of doomgaze, post rock, and experimental sounds, and their third album, I'm Picking Lights In A Field, works like a refined showcase of their expanded artistic vision. The album was conceived, written, and recorded as a continuous piece, and was later divided into eight distinct tracks which represent different sections, and at the same time maintain the original approach's cohesion, and a steady flow.

Nameless Fluttering offers a six-minute introspective journey through personal memories, and becomes a highlight of the band's new full length. Through obscured vocal melodies, gritty and hazy guitars, and a diverse instrumental arrangement featuring mellotron, swirling samples, wavering shoegaze elements and solid percussion, the track creates a psychedelic atmosphere and impresses with its melodic grittiness. It builds upon its initial foundation, leading to a creatively chaotic culmination, and becomes a fine exemplification of the exploratory, forward thinking musicianship in which Lanayah indulge.

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