Placement: New Disease

Tarntanya/Adelaide's experimental post punks, Placement, have released their new single, New Disease, which is a natural product of the desolation and the overall profound impact of the pandemic. 

New Disease features a strong combination of intertwined vocal melodies with an engaging instrumental body composed of saxophone and guitar solos, as well as a gripping bassline. 

Vocalist Malia Wearn comments on the new track: “Placement played our first show at the start of 2020 and soon found ourselves struggling to exist in a world where live music in its usual form was not possible. The ghost of the threat of sickness seeped into every part of life, and of course our music. Unsurprisingly, ‘New Disease’ is a pandemic song. It’s about the things we believe in, and how they change and distort us, forcing us away from or towards reality. Confirmation bias, isolation, coping mechanisms whatever they are, we who are here made it through, but of course we are changed. Sometimes all we need is to be fed a line we can hold on to, an excuse to keep doing whatever we want to do. All of us caught the new disease, whatever that was and we were never the same again.

In the face of a devastating situation where the world came to a halt, Placement seized the opportunity to draw inspiration and condensed it into a concise and moving three-minute composition.

Band photo by Nash Blight

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