Devin Sarno: Sound Study Fourteen (feat. S.Fairbank)

Devin Sarno and Kansas City sound artist S.Fairbank have joined forces to release their first collaboration as part of Sarno's ongoing file trade project, which is being out through his own imprint, Perceived Sound.

In 1998, the duo had the opportunity to perform together as the SF/CRIB duo at Creative Time In The Anchorage which took place in the chambers located at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The event was part of a renowned sound, art and film festival, including filmmakers such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Harmony Korine, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and many others.

Immersed in a hypnotic and mesmerizing ambiance, Sound Study Fourteen exudes an array of experimental elements which unveil the hidden realms of forward looking artistry, and dive deep into an immersive sound scheme. The collaborative effort between the two artists brings life to an imposing sound, filled with obscure, boundary-pushing ingenuity.

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