Cementation Anxiety: Departure

Cementation Anxiety, the ambient project led by Kyle Nelson from the hardcore punk band Bodiless, makes a comeback with an immersive new release which revolves around a fascinating concept.

The extensive eight-minute track, Departure, was created during various periods of travel, encapsulating the artist's contemplation of many losses, as well as the act of moving itself. Throughout the composition, Cementation Anxiety skillfully explores the emotions and intricacies tied to the notion of departure, resulting in an enticing and immersive sonic experience.

The track exhibits a compelling sonic profile; rich and all-encompassing, gripping with its sense of mystery and the foreboding atmosphere it creates as the piece progresses. The overall impression of the track is one of resolute steadfastness, while simultaneously evoking ethereal and otherworldly qualities which transcend conventional confines.

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