Assault: Pinnacle of Suffering

Since their inception in 2014, Assault have undergone several changes in their lineup, and gained a devoted following in the Cleveland metal scene and beyond with their dynamic live shows, characterized by an onslaught of fast-paced guitar riffs and thrash metal energy. Assault's new offering, Pinnacle of Suffering, is the band's first release following their debut album from 2022. 

The inspiration for the new track came from a conversation with a friend, discussing the most agonizing way to die. The conversation narrated the story of a man who went through an accident at a power plant, resulting in exposure to a fatal amount of nuclear radiation. The man clung to life for eighty-three days in medical care, undergoing a slow decay of his body and organs. 

Without going into detailed and gruesome specifics, Assault created a direct and concise number which delineates a prolonged and excruciating death in only two-and-a-half minutes.

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