Barbelith: Deathless Master

Barbelith are an atmospheric black metal band from Baltimore and New Orleans, coming forth with a forward thinking sound which dwells in the realms of post metal and black metal. After a long hiatus, the band have finished their most recent release, Deathless Master

"It’s a 22 minute ballad of lost time, what we’ve learned and what will become," Barbelith describe.

Following the release of their well received album, Mirror Unveiled, through Grimoire Records in the preceding year, Barbelith made the decision to go on an extended hiatus in 2015. Band members, William Jarboe and Austyn Sullivan, reconnected during the pandemic, leading to the resurrection of Barbelith, and their latest offering, Deathless Master, marks a solid return.

Deathless Master traverses a numerous movements, encompassing serene and melodic passages as well as intense and somber black metal stylings, all infused with a deep sense of melancholy and existential unease. The edgy vocals and intricately woven, detailed instrumentals synergize flawlessly within the pristine production, resulting in an immersive and expansive composition. A lengthy track which serves as an emotionally charged expedition, Deathless Master offers a profound and introspective journey.

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