D//E Guest Post: Nothingheads: Sunlit Uplands // Track by Track Breakdown

Recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios, Nothingheads new EP, Sunlit Uplands, is out through Just Step Sideways Records. The band present a track-by-track breakdown of the EP's five hard-hitting songs.


I was trying to play a song by GNOD at home and I couldn’t work it out but instead ended up with the main riff of this song. Playing other people’s songs completely wrong is actually a very fruitful way of coming up with ideas. Then wanted to turn it into a fast furious punk track that would be over in less than 2 minutes.


This one started from a simple demo with krautrock drum machine beat and a basic arrangement. Then once in the room the band chopped off all the fatty bits till what was left was a nice lean beam machine. Also the track where drummerboy Sam really gets to show off his machine gun speed fills.


The first song off the EP to be written and it really signalled the sound we would follow for the rest. Dry and thunderous.


Wanted to have jam track on the EP as it’s a big part of our sound when we’re in a room. Had a few rough ideas and cues around the structure but didn’t want practise too much and suffocate it. Just knowing when to pull faces at each other for changes and stuff.


Born out of watching the marching at the Queen’s funeral procession with the Star Wars imperial march in the background, this one is a bit of a curveball. Trying to mix a disco beat with a stoner riff, kind of works. Does it work?

Band photo courtesy of No Exit PR

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