Destroy Decade // Iron Years - Lucid - Live in Chicago

Apart from having a pretty imposing band name, Iron Years have also been able to impress and deliver with their initial releases, including a demo release and a full length album. The Demo EP, released in 2018, established the groundwork for the band's dynamic and intense dark sound. Later, their album, Reverie, was released in late 2022, solidifying Iron Years as a rising force in contemporary darkwave.

As part of D//E's Destroy Decade celebration, we are thrilled to present an early video of the band performing their debut single, Lucid, live at a DIY venue in Chicago on October 11th, 2019. The clip serves as a valuable documentation of their remarkable stage presence, captured before the band fully realized their artistic vision in the form of their full length.

Iron Years have consistently maintained an active presence, frequently performing live and continuing to make a significant impact with their bold sound.

A series of special posts, Destroy Decade is created in collaboration with a group of amazing musicians and record labels. It serves as a virtual celebration of Destroy//Exist being ten years online and is composed of new digital compilations, live performance clips, full live sets, creative visuals and more.

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