Violet Evergreen: Thimble

Violet Evergreen, originating from Baltimore, MD, is a fresh project which falls under the genres of emo and post hardcore. In their latest release, Thimble, the band sought the expertise of Corey Coffman, a member of the band Gleemer, to handle the mixing and mastering duties. As a result of this collaboration, an EP is scheduled to be launched towards the end of the summer.

The track aligns with the current dreamo sound found in bands like Modern Color, Narrow Head, and Title Fight, and showcases a wealth of sentimentality, melancholy, and raw energy.

Thimble embraces a nostalgic quality, weaving together heartfelt lyrics with intricate melodies and dynamic instrumentals. With an unrefined energy, the song delivers an mesmerizing sound, and appears ardent throughout.

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