LUMER: Nightmare Without End

UK post punk band, LUMER, release their latest single, Nightmare Without End, which they independently recorded and produced at Eiger Studios. The mixing of the track was done by Alex Evans, and the mastering was handled by Tom Langrish.

Nightmare Without End explores the concept of perceiving different perspectives in a difficult situation. The song combines two distinct sections which contrast the initial despair of a character's loss with a following opportunity for introspection, reflecting on fond memories as a means to overcome sadness.

The new single arrives as an experimental endeavor for the band, as they took on all aspects of its creation, including writing, recording, mixing, and artwork. LUMER's intention was to pay homage to their roots and stay true to the essence of being a DIY band.

Alex Evans of LUMER comments: “Nightmare Without End was a bit of a failed experiment into the idea of storytelling lyrics, of which I have always been so fond of. Instead, I guess it just deals with the loss of someone in your life for whatever reason and how you continue to pine for them in various different ways. It also has a lift of self-reflection, the realisation, the pleasure you can receive by looking at your past times.”

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