Mope City: Wind Locked Me Out

Mope City, a band from Marrickville (Sydney), has released Wind Locked Me Out, the debut single from their upcoming fourth album, titled Population 4. The album will be released later this year by Tenth Court Records.

The band's new material was recorded at Audile Design in Sydenham, New South Wales, Australia in 2022. The release comes after their 2021 album, Within the Walls, which marked the band's transition to a four-piece lineup.

Wind Locked Me Out showcases Mope City's unique blend of lo-fi rock and slowcore sounds, creating a dark and brooding atmosphere. The band's raw lyrics and desolate vocals are propelled by powerful instrumentation, resulting in a captivating and emotionally charged performance. 

The song's gritty and unfiltered nature leaves a profound impression, immersing in its authentic portrayal of actuality, sounding nearly ominous and overarchingly realistic.

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