Melting Palms: Nymph

Nymph is the newest single and music video from the emerging band Melting Palms, from Hamburg, Germany. The video features scenes from the short film Mending, directed by Manuel Tröndle, and is a seamless fusion of the two art forms. Having previously worked with the band on a nearly ten-minute piece which explores the relationship between religion, homophobia, and the impact on those affected, co-director of Mending, Elisabeth Heine, put together an inspired music video for Nymph, drawing from the short film's imagery to create a fitting visual accompaniment to the song.

The lyrics center around the nymphs or sirens, who lure unsuspecting individuals into the abyss with their mesmerizing song, just like the protagonist in the video who is drawn into the frigid underwater realm. The song's emotional buildup intensifies, mirroring the character's traumatic journey. 

Blending elements of shoegaze and dreampop, the song's soft and dreamy quality juxtaposes with the bold and forceful theme, resulting in a work of significant existential importance and emotional depth. The song's cinematic elements further elevate its impact, creating a poignant and memorable experience.

 Nymph is the sixth single from the album Noise Between The Shades released in 2022

Band photo by Aylin Sengül

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