Blue Statue: Lachrymose

Blue Statue is a recently formed band from the United Kingdom, and they have released their debut single, Lachrymose, which will be included in their upcoming first album, NO / ON. Their musical style combines elements of alternative rock and post punk, with a strong influence from the grunge scene of the nineties, particularly the heavier aspects of the genre. 

The album will be released on July 28th, 2023, through the British label Fourth Dimension, which has worked with notable artists such as Thurston Moore and Sleaford Mods.

The band, led by siblings Aaron and Hayd Brown, who are also the main songwriters and lead singers, focuses on themes related to existential despair, mental health struggles, and nearby topics. Blue Statue express these issues in a relatable manner, while also being open to discovering new sounds and ideas beyond their usual approach.

Lachrymose starts off with ominous guitar sounds and machine-like drum beats, before gradually building up to a more intense and energetic sound. The song serves as an notable introduction to the band's creative aim, and the overall tone of the album.

Although love is not something I usually write about, this is the subject for Lachrymose,” explains Aaron. “It’s about the ending of a romantic relationship and the heartbreak that follows. Through the experience I ultimately understood that a lot of what I loved in the person that finished the relationship was what I aspired to be. This realisation helped me to deal with it.

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