dweller.: In Passing

In Passing, the closing track of dweller.'s latest EP, All The Things We Carry, pays tribute to their former bassist and delves into the experience of coping with loss and the intense emotions that come with it, such as sorrow, affection, solitude, optimism, and yearning. The song is imbued with a deep sense of sentimentality, as it naturally arises from the themes it explores and the band's emotive delivery.

The band employs a template of brooding and intense alternative rock to craft a work that is not only emotionally resonant but also has a significant impact. Their music is a reflection of their own experiences and struggles, and they hope to use it as a means of assisting others who are going through similar hardships.

dweller.'s music amalgamates the charged intensity of emo rock with the atmospheric textures of shoegaze and the raw strength of post hardcore, resulting in a sound that is both beautiful and stormily intense. 

Photo by Christina Medellin

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