Lifed: Lifed

Lifed is a band from Western North Carolina which comes forth with a distinct take on powerviolence and hardcore punk. Their sound is characterized by acute energy and aggression, as showcased on their self-titled EP. 

The new release features a total of seven tracks, all of which work together to form a powerful total. Despite the brevity of the EP, the band is able to pack an incredible amount of ferocity and intensity into every second of the music. 

Clocking in at just under seven minutes, the EP is a barrage of brutality and rawness, founded on savage vocals and mesmerizing riffs, interspersed with moments of ambient and drone sounds.

With a DIY mindset, Lifed handled all aspects of the process themselves, which included recording, mixing, and mastering the music, demonstrating a complete hands-on approach to their craft.

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