Destroy Decade // Bestial Mouths Live at Ombra Festival, Barcelona

The music of Bestial Mouths is distinguished by its intense and rough constitution. Through a dark foundation, haunting impressibility, and often aggressive disposition, Bestial Mouths largely explore themes of personal demons, inner struggle and societal decay, and their overall impact is visceral and forceful.

The band's live act is exhilarating. Lynette Cerezo, the leading light of Bestial Mouths, dominates the stage with powerful and expressive performances which perfectly complement the group's raw post punk and dark electronica soundscapes. Their shows encompass a wide range of moods, transitioning between ethereal and atmospheric moments to vigorous, thundering sequences. Their stage presence is enhanced by visually dazzling elements, like visual projections, creative lighting and costumes, which contribute to the theatrical experience that is Bestial Mouths' live shows; renowned for their intensity and cathartic energy.

The live performance of Bestial Mouths at Ombra Festival in Barcelona, which was captured on November 26th, 2022, exemplifies the band's signature darkness and intense energy. We are thrilled to present this performance as the first video release of Destroy Decade, our website's ongoing ten-year celebration.

The live clip features songs from RESURRECTEDINBLACK, INSHROUDSS, and their latest single release, I Am The Spell. With the band's upcoming album on the horizon, the live act of Bestial Mouths is certain to excite for what's to come.

Bestial Mouths contributed to D//E's recent compilation, The Pains of Existence, with the entrancing LostIN whose lyrics were crafted by reworking and combining the lyrics from RESURRECTEDINBLACK and INSHROUDSS, forming a narrative that follows the life journey of Lynette. Their latest release, R.O.T.T. (inmyskin), which stands for Road of Thousand Tears, is expected to follow a similar path, and it couldn't be more highly anticipated.

A series of special posts, Destroy Decade is created in collaboration with a group of amazing musicians and record labels. It serves as a virtual celebration of Destroy//Exist being ten years online and is composed of new digital compilations, live performance clips, full live sets, creative visuals and more.

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