Lust For Youth: Giorgia

The latest single release by Lust For Youth, Giorgia, fearlessly evokes nostalgic longing, making an impact with its enchanting pop melody. The song is a bold, guitar-driven track, accompanied by a driving synth bass, which beautifully captures the wistful essence of summer nights, yet subtly hints at a dark and unsettling undercurrent. 

Notably, the track showcases Hannes Norrvide writing and singing in his native Swedish for the first time ever, adding a sense of newfound impressionability to Lust For Youth's consistently dainty synthpop.

In June 2023, Lust For Youth will be performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House alongside HTRK, Croatian Amor and Yl Hooi.

Upcoming shows:
3 June - Sydney Opera House, Sydney
9 June - Miscellania, Melbourne
10 June - The Dome, Melbourne
27 October - Sanctum Festival, Chicago
4 November - Substance Festival, Los Angeles 

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