ISUA: Departure

During the peak of post metal, many years ago, there was an abundant surge of bands that arose in the scene. These bands contributed to a flourishing musical environment, displaying a range of innovative ideas which revitalized the heavy underground music scene as a whole. Australian band, ISUA, seems to embody the essence of that period with their weighty and pressing sound.

Departure is the second song released from ISUA's first album ABANDON. The track starts with an ominous but well-defined sound, encouraging a reflective state of mind, and paving the way for the eagerly awaited debut full length, which was recorded live.

After releasing Life's Worth as the introductory single which exhibits the more melodious aspects of ISUA's range, the band's new single, Departure, unleashes an unrelenting barrage of repetitive and aggressive riffs, appearing like a mechanical system on the verge of collapsing, and exhibiting the band's massive instrumental power, as well as their fiery vocal strength.

ABANDON comes out via CRUCIBLE, on June 2nd, 2023.

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