Trust Anchor: Witch's Mouth

Trust Anchor, the latest artist signed to No Movement Records, has released the debut single, Witch's Mouth. The project's sound draws inspiration from a composite of genres including industrial rock, darkwave, and cyberpunk, and their artistic vision feels both futuristic and in the moment.

Witch's Mouth boasts an array of unalike elements which combine to create a powerful and inventive soundscape. The lead vocal is processed in a way which creates a menacing and eerie effect, complemented by the use of thundering beats which provide the song with intense energy. The inclusion of heavy guitars adds a gritty edge, while the haunting background vocals by D Wood from We Are Parasols and ATRIST bring an extra layer of depth. All of these elements come together to create a foreboding and alluring listen.

Trust Anchor explores how the use of social media and modern technology can create further disconnection in an ironic and paradoxical manner. Using sounds found in obscure corners of the internet and transforming them into dark and heavy songs, Trust Anchor employs the currently apotheosized social media as an instrument for something entirely new and different.

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