Shrouds: Degeneration

Shrouds are a contemporary deathrock band which came out of the renowned southern California dark alternative scene with a commanding sound that pays homage to the genre's defining greats while also carrying on the underground practices of the timeless deathrock scene.

Shrouds stand out as a group with a sharp and relentless vision for the future of the genre, and the obvious appreciation for the unique characteristics which have shaped the deathrock sound and aesthetics in the past, thanks to the more than ten years of musical experience that each member possesses. 

Degeneration is part of the band's new full length, Grimoire, an exploration of the band's dark and gritty art form, full of energy and dark qualities reminiscent of the eighties.

Shrouds is composed of Grimm Beat (Belltower Bats, ex. Only Theatre of Pain, Vision of the Void), Ludwig Wilde (Belltower Bats, Warsaw Pact), and Ana Thema (Warsaw Pact, ex Shadow Image).

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