Pulsations: Delusional Paragon

Following a series of strong single releases, Danish darkwave/post punk act, Pulsations, emerges with the unveiling of their debut album, Tainted Covenant, out through Swiss Dark Nights Records. Dealing with many intriguing and captivating topics, the album is composed of ten track's which further delineate Pulsations' songwriting sharpness.

Centerpiece, Delusional Paragon, comes with a vibrant and haunting sound, like a kinetic darkwave staple. The song looks at cancel culture and the impact of advertising on honest artistic expression as it analyzes that aspect contemporary society. It explores the upsetting theme of morality enforcers who have significant authority in a culture obsessed with appearances, and how they control people. In the lyrics, the protagonist is depicted as being unwise in their pursuit of strength and fame in the frail world of social media and advertising. The song's lyrics also challenge the fanatical following of fame and celebrity, as well as the notion that achievement comes from self-promotion.

Delusional Paragon was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Pulsations, and mixed and master at YMO in Spain by Lalo González.

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