The Orb: High Noon [Remastered Edition]

The Orb practically invented the ambient house subgenre of electronic music by bringing back slower, more soulful rhythmic patterns, and supplying an atmospheric soundscape for early-morning clubbers after the night venues had closed.

High Noon can be found on The Dream, The Orb's eighth studio album which was originally released in 2007, and is now presented in a remastered version. This landmark album, which is undoubtedly a fan favorite, represents a solid comeback for The Orb, and veers closer to the band's earlier style and sound.

Tim Bran of Dreadzone and Martin 'Youth' Glover (Killing Joke) join Dr. Alex Paterson, while Steve Hillage (Gong, System 7) becomes part of the song and several more from the album to offer his enchanted guitar finesse.

The Dream is the only Orb album yet to be released on vinyl, and this remastered version makes sure to enhance the high quality vinyl listening experience.

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